Zikmundov is an oasis of peace in the middle of untouched Buchlov. It is a place where you can be yourself, fully enjoy the fact you are being the master of your own time. It is a place where you can experience a pleasant work meeting or a place that could be a crown jewel of your wedding. Come to us to experience it!

Přijede vás víc - Zikmundov


Let Zikmundov be an imaginary cherry on your wedding cake. Gladly, we will be proud helpers of your big day and we will serve you exceptional festive menu which will be prepared in an open air space. the guests will be accommodated in our original and beautiful space of surrounding Zikmundov.

Přijede vás víc - Zikmundov


Take your colleagues or clients to experience something they will never forget. We will free up the whole of Zikmundov just for you, we will ensure you have the best food, drinks and your meetings will be fulfilled with pleasant music. Drop worries from your day to day life and let us to take care of the rest.

Přijede vás víc - Zikmundov


Zikmundov is an exceptional place which naturally attracts exceptional people. the ones who are not afraid to step out from their comfort zone and be an inspiration to the others. Regardless, whether we talking about marmalade cooking, economical thinking or a unique idea.

Přijede vás víc - Zikmundov


Do you want to learn new skills or to prepare an entertainment for your colleagues while staying at Zikmundov? Our BBQ School has definitely a lot to offer, enjoy the excellent food made by you in the open air. Decide which option is the best for you, book the place on the course and get started.

Přijede vás víc - Zikmundov

Do you also want to experience exceptional time at Zikmundov? Contact us.