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the way to us from Brno

If you are coming to us from the direction of Brno, do not get confused with the turn to Staré Hutě, please just pass it. Continue through the Buchlov Mountains and even though you will see a sign heading to the left towards Zikmundov, we recommend that you continue another kilometre towards the nearby Motorest, where you can turn and arrive to Zikmundov from the Uherské Hradiště direction. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

the way to us from Uherské Hradiště

If you are passing Buchlov mountains from the direction from Uherské Hradiště, you will pass the turn to Buchlov castle. Be aware of the speed of the road, up to the hill. Soon enough you will see a brown Zikmundov sign which indicates the upcoming turn. the turn is highlighted with two red boundary stones. Then the road will guide you through the forest and meadows all the way to Zikmundov. We are looking forward to seeing you there.